Terminal Tractors


Our ergonometrically designed Trailer Movers enable drivers to quickly spot and move trailers without having to leave the vehicle.


Daysworth International are the Sole Australian Distributor
of Kalmar and Ottawa Port & Terminal Tractors.

Purpose built, our designs make trailer moving so efficient that an average driver can move 5 trailers in the time it takes to move 1 with a conventional Prime Mover.  Now that's efficiency!

Smart yard operators have long discovered the highest yielding investment for today.  Join the ranks of companies who benefit from moving trailers 5 times faster with vastly improved driver health and safety.


With massive fuel savings, large reductions in tyre wear, huge savings on suspension, clutch wear, and equipment damage
PLUS a 500% productivity improvement
it's no surprise
that our purpose built vehicles simply make more sense!


To rent, lease or buy new and remanufactured Terminal Tractors, freecall 1800 635 952 or email sales@daysworth.com.au
and arrange a Test Drive today!